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Fat Tyre Electric Bike The Hunter

(15 customer reviews)

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The Hunter E-Bike from E Movement is great example of a high quality professionally engineered electric personal vehicle.

The Hunter is a popular, feature packed fat tyre e-bike with a quiet, stable ride. Preforming excellent on normal road and off road surfaces, that is not all.  Surfaces that would otherwise deem you immobile are no problem for the Hunter. Sandy and pebble beaches and even the snow wont even stop you getting about. It even has puncture resistant tyres which is an inner lining on the tyre that reinforces the wall to protect against thorns and other small sharp hazards.

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The Hunter has a simple folding step through frame design with sleek branding which complements the removable Samsung 48V battery. The battery cells are encapsulated inside the steel saddle tube keeping them strong and secure. We recommend users are over 5ft5 for this model. Shorter users will have to lower the seat post below the recommended safe clearance area at the bottom of the bike. If you are under 5ft5 we recommend our Commute or Thunder Special.

This powerful bike has been limited to UK and Europe specification and offers a top speed of 15.6mph. At this speed you will cover 2 miles in just 7 minutes which is 20 minutes faster than walking.

This E-Movement Bike has one of the strongest pedal assistance motors available on the market, it provides a real assertive punch making long heavy hills a breeze. It has to be felt to truly understand the assistance power provided when peddling.

One of the awesome features of this bike is the twist and go feature. The twist throttle is positioned next to the handle grip  ensuring comfortable and secure ride .

This eBike will continues to impress with its awesome range. Using the twist and go you are able to get a mega 21 miles which can be doubled or even tippled if you are using the Pedal Assist*. What ever way you choose to ride this bike you will not be disappointed.

EcoMiles 70+

Thats right if you leave your e-bike in power mode 1 that is the most eco efficient level of assist and you will easily get way over 75 miles.

Other defining specs are the regenerative electric brake system; this bike has hydraulic oil fed 160mm disc breaks front and rear.  The geared brushless electric motor is synced with the brake system to provide not only more braking assistance but regenerate any wasted power back to the battery cells.  The sleek backlit digital displays offers a range of features and stats from speed, battery and trip meter. Front Led light, horn and phone holder with charge port ensures you can be safe and ready. There are so many more features this E bike will not disappoint.

Come and test drive any of our vehicles today via appointment only.

No Stress Warranty.

All of our E-Bikes come with a 1 year standard warranty of electrics and a 4 year warranty on the bike. The best bit about our warranties are we are a UK company so no wait why the Warranty is dealt with in Europe or China.

*T&Cs apply


Why Should I Choose E Movement?

High quality Custom Built UK Stock 

UK warranty & UK customer service 

Free UK next day delivery on all orders

Our Hunter Electric Bike comes with a 1 year UK warranty for electrical components and 4 year warranty for body parts.

  • Aluminium Alloy 6061 Frame
  • Samsung 48V, 7Ah Battery Cell Neatly Integrated Inside the Seat Stem.
  • Brushless Geared 350W Geared Rear Hub Motor
  • Backlit Digital Display
  • 5 Levels of Pedal Assist
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes 160mm Discs
  • CarbonSmart
  • Black Alloy Spoke Hubs
  • 25 KMH max speed*
  • Range up to 50 Assisted Miles Pedlac*
  • 4-6  Hour Charge Time
  • Frame Size 15" Step Through Frame (meaning no leg lift over required to get on the bike)
  • Wheel Size 20x4"
  • Puncture Resistent Tyres
  • Recommended minimum rider height: 5’6
  • Recommended Riders weight - Up to 150 kg
  • Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano Tourney Thumb Sifter
  • CE, FC, RoHS, MSDS
  • Folded Dimensions: 35"x15"x32" LxWxH
  • Weight - 26 Kg with battery
  • Aluminium Pedals
  • Water Resistant IP65 Rated
  • Free Front and rear mudguards, Front Led Light, Electric Horn, stand, combination padlock, Mob Phone Holder with USB Port and tool kit*.
  • Free 3 Month Running In Check and Service*

It's Super Popular

This is a super popular bike and its for good reasons one being the easy mount step through alloy frame with a top speed of 25kmh. The bike comes 90% assembled and there is nothing more then a few screws and you will be going.  There is no fiddling with electrics or cables.  The front wheel is quick release and has to be tightened on. The front mud guard and the led light bracket is all that the assemble requires.


Our Opinion

This is an excellent choice of E-Bike, It is feature packed and has one of the most  powerful pedalac* systems we haver ever felt on the market. It's high torque and uber responsive geared brushless motor make this a great bike for all types of riding.  Its ability to go over most terrains you will never be left stuck.  Featuring a backlit digital display to control the 5 power setting, battery meter and more.  The motors gears enable it to assist you up hills with a gradient of 25% incline. The ride position is more up right with adjustable folding handlebars getting you that perfect comfort level.   E-Movement works hard to provide high quality products at an affordable price.


Warranty Info

What the Warranty Covers, and for how long?

The bike (less free accessories) is covered including the electronics and battery for 1 year from purchase and the body parts for 4 years.

Who Is the Warranty Provider?

The warranty is provided by E-Movement

How Can a Customer Claim on the Warranty?

Customers can contact us directly from our website and we will handle warranty claims.


The warranty is void If:

  • The bike has any water ingress in to electronic parts. For example from a pressure washer.
  • The bike  has not been maintained such as unchanged punctures and riding with loose or missing parts
  • The bike has been misused/abused/damaged
  • The bike has been serviced or modified by anyone other than an authorised partner. Modification also includes changing / tampering the factory setting on display meter.


  • Please be mindful that it is your responsibility to regularly check the brakes, tyres, chain and pedals of your EPV. Which includes any fixtures or fittings for the correct function and then any maintenance tasks should be carried out if necessary. For example,  checking tyres for air. You would need to add air from a standard bicycle pump. The recommended tyre pressure is between 20-22psi.
  • Use of compatible protective gears for EPV is your responsibility.
  • Please avoid dangerous riding.
  • Pedal insertion is an easy step. Please make sure to pair the correct sided pedal (R & L) for your bikes. Mismatching and using force can damage and cross thread the pedals, which is not covered under our warranty. Please use the proper tutorials to insert the pedals which can be found on our video page. For clarity your left and right is the same as the bikes left and right if you were seated on the bike in a ready to ride position.
  • Pease check local regulations about use of EPVs, safety equipment and age restrictions.

Important details you need to know

  • We recommended maximum rider weight: 150kg.
  • We recommended rider age: 16 years +
  • * Depends on battery, terrain and riders weight.
  • * Eco miles are calculated with power assist mode 1, with rider weight of 65 kg, in a temp of 25 C  and on a flat surface, with ideal environments.
  • * If in stock
  • * By appointment only. Customer to drop the bike.

Additional information

Top Speed

25 KMH


22 miles / 35 km


26 KG

Motor Power (Watts)

350 W Rear Hub

Charge Time (hours)


Front Brakes

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Rear Brakes

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Front Wheel

Inner tube

Rear Wheel

Inner Tube

Front Lights


Rear Light

Attachable - Not provided

Rear Reflector


Wheel Size


Folded Dimensions (LxWxH)


Frame Size




Maximum Rider Weight



Black Yellow, Black Edition

Key Features

350W Dynamic Motor

48V Samsung Battery 

Regenerative Breaks

Smart Battery Management System

Digital Display

Phone Holder and Charger 


15 reviews for Fat Tyre Electric Bike The Hunter

  1. Sebastian

    This bike is amazing. My partner brought me one for my birthday, and I love it. The fact you can just pull the throttle and you go without peddling is fantastic!

  2. Mohammad

    This electric bike is actually a beast! The fat tyres makes it all terrain and increased control, the speed is amazing and fun to cruise

  3. pete

    This is a fantatsic bike, fast, smooth and looks great. I would highly recommend this.

  4. Terence

    Great, helpful customer service and love the bike.

  5. Caroline

    An amazing bike, very easy to get from he box to riding, I love it.
    Very friendly excellent customer service too, answered all my questions. Thank you

  6. Betty J

    Just simply fabulous

  7. Ivan

    A unique design, got a lot of compliments on it! Some minor scratches on the mudguards probably from the transportation but then its just mudguards.

  8. Vance Allen (verified owner)

    The Hunter E Bike is a large fat 4” tyre bike that does get attention when out and about, “A Sick Bike” is what all the younger kids were herd saying. Mind you the older people also looked and made comments on its style. I personally have only seen 1 other in London and it was then that I thought that is cool and I would like one of them. I already have an electric bike so my comparison my be limited to only between 2. Both my bikes are folding and it is my requirement that I can take a bike with me with little fuss in the car. For clarification I am 54 years old 6’4” tall and 96 kg Man. The Hunter is a very smooth ride. Front suspension and 4” wheels glide over any lumps and bumps in its path. The saddle is wide and supportive also computable. Power is quite adequate once I had programmed it to have 5 levels instead of 3 (both settings give plenty of get up and go but with 5 you have more flexibility). I found myself just sticking with level 2 and 3 the most, with 4 and 5 saved for that uphill struggle. Level 1 is a 4mph walking mode and ideal when moving with pedestrians. The twist and go is very nice for those longer straight parts of the route where you can just cruse. 7 gears have a good top end ratio allowing you to peddle very fast. Without a doubt you can have a workout on the bike if you wish or take it nice and easy and use the electric to take you to your destination. Range is dependant on how much you use the motor, the level of power used and weight of rider. You also have to consider the terrain wind and friction with the road. WhatI can say is this I have ridden it up some very steep gradients using level 5 of get up and go. Used peddle power on the easy bits at level 2 with an undulating road surface. 30 miles was covered comfortably with 1 bar remaining on the display. Don't forget I am 96kg so if you are lighter then you will go further, if heavier then less……… I would recommend this to any one over 5’6" if you are under that, it will still fit my wife is 5’ 2” and she had a ride but said it was too big for her. On that small people need to drop the saddle low which means the bottom of the batterie will be low and close to the the riding on surface (hitting a lump could ground the bike). On receiving the bike I have some miner issues however their customer service was superb and an offer of a replacement and a personal visit to correct the issue was offered, but not needed as I squared it all myself. I have now owned the bike for 5 days and have had a ride on it every single day. I loved my other E bike but the Hunter is so much better, great fun, a total pleasure and the comfort far exceeds my expectation.

    Thanks for a great ride


  9. Steve C

    Have had the Hunter E Bike for about a month now and so far I am really pleased with both the product and the service support from both Mo and Jaimie.
    Having had a fault they were very responsive and Immediately arranged a swap out. Great bike !!

  10. Christopher Jones (verified owner)

    HUNTER e-bike
    My first E-Bike and the folks at E-movement made the journey so easy. All my pre-buy questions answered very quickly and the bike arrived the next day. Had an issue putting it together but they sent the link for the videos right away (it was my fault as I had pressed the brakes before putting the wheel in place which apparently sets the pistons too close together). They even answered a message I sent late evening as I presumed no one would see it until the next morning - brilliant service although I felt very bad!

    As to the bike I didn't know what to expect as I had been looking at bikes that were at least double the price and wanted one that would fold up and fit in the back of the car as getting our bike on the bike rack is a real pain. Very impressed with it though... I have an old dodgy knee which meant I haven't cycled for 30 odd years as it plays up when going up hill. I was very pleasantly surprised to accelerate up a hill without putting any strain on my knee at all. It would be too easy to leave this bike in twist and go and never get any exercise I think but it is wonderful to get out on a bike again. Especially on one that (according to my younger neighbour) looks, 'so cool'. When not working from home I normally commute on my e-skateboard but when wet and windy autumn/winter sets in I have to resort back to the car. Well not anymore!

    In a nutshell - so far the bike has surpassed my expectations in every way and the service from the guys is what service used to be like and can not be faulted.

  11. Rahul

    The big tyres gives it a good grip even in rain, be easy on the hydraulic brakes though!

  12. Clyde

    Definitely a 'A Sick Bike’ as someone mentioned in their review! Gets heads turning due to its unique style (haven’t seen anything similar here in Scotland yet) and very easy to get on it due to the curve in the frame. Highly recommended

  13. John Rowe

    John R. Having not ridden a bike for years, my first outing was a little a little wobbly (were is your dad when you need him) My uphill accent started on two went to three with peddling. Four eradicated the need to peddle. All in all the panther is as promised as is the service.

  14. John Gallagher (verified owner)

    Great bike, but not legal on UK roads. Be warned

  15. Neil Cooper (verified owner)

    I hadn't really cycled since I was a kid, I'm 56 now- but after a chance encounter with ebikes in Greece I found that even an obese oldie like me could manage. I bought one as I am due to move to Hove in the coming months and imagined zooming up and down the seafront. I took advantage of the reduced prices in Oct/Nov and now find myself cycling across London to work. Totally Covid safe ! I'm impressed by the cycle paths and feel safe (not complacent) - I work in a busy hospital - but find the cycle home blows away all the cobwebs. I find the throttle comes in use at traffic lights and gets me away with the lycra pack , but otherwise pedal assist only. My only negative is that I do find I have to charge it at work as it doesn't manage the 22km round trip. I do put this down to the load it's carrying - me - as I am approaching the max weight limit and I know all these things do drain the battery. An improved battery would make me a completely satisfied customer (I've also been quiet evangelical with my friends and work colleagues)

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